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Stolt Sea Farm

Stolt Sea Farm is a division of Stolt-Nielsen Limited with a team of 300 people in 15 farms and 3 hatcheries.
Aquaculture is the lowest impact way to produce animal protein on the planet, allowing bringing incredibly fresh fish to consumers with lowest impact.

The successful farming of the premium species we produce requires extensive scientific knowhow, sophisticated technology and highly specialized custom-designed facilities. To achieve our goals, we engage in a process of continuous improvement, driven by substantial ongoing investments in research and development. Since the founding of Stolt Sea Farm in 1972, we have dedicated ourselves to the advancement of aquaculture as an environmentally sustainable source of healthy food. Stolt Sea Farm pledges to:

-Maintain the highest standards of food quality and safety, while protecting the environment and the welfare of the fish

-Comply with all regulatory requirements and all applicable industrial and environmental standards

-Deliver a continuous supply of high quality seafood worldwide. Fish farmed by Stolt Sea Farm’s methods are recognized as one of the most healthy, most nutritious and most environmentally friendly food products available.

• The company is the world’s leading producer of turbot, commercializing 7500 tons per year.
• Stolt Sea Farm follows rigorous quality and environmental controls to ensure everything the company does is environmentally
• In 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2017 Stolt Sea Farm achieved Friend of The SeaTM certification as an environmentally sustainable
• Stolt Sea Farm has achieved in 2015 and renewed in 2017, Global Gap.